The Institute of  Slavic Languages and Literatures UAM

invites to take part

in  an International Conference


that will be held in Poznań on 8 to 10 of  December 2009.

The conference will be dedicated to the different versions of taboo existed in literatures, cultures, folklores and languages of Slavic countries. The taboos play an important role in the development of intercultural communication because of its’ constant presence in every culture, and the continuity and integration of each society seems to be highly determined by the taboos as its necessary roots. The present time supports the phenomenon of plurality that effects also taboos’ multiplication, hence  many communicational problems become quite complicated and even impossible to solve. Therefore the conference will be concentrated on the following questions: Do Slavic cultures, including the Balkans, protect their taboos or, on the contrary, tend to break them? Does the act of violating taboos influences forming any culture? How does it happen? What defines our own attitude towards Slavic taboos? Can we recognize those taboos? Can we respect them?

The main research fields of the conference:

• The taboos in literary works

  • The tropes of taboo in female writing
  • Literary representations of Sacrum (Sacred) and Profanum (Cursed)
  • The aesthetic of death, corporeal presence, pain, sexuality

• The taboo limits in culture

  • The art as an act of sublimation strictly connected

with the existence of taboos in every culture

  • The taboos’ escalation in popular culture
  • The silence in the media versus the world domiciled by the taboos

• The taboos’ meaning in folk traditions

  • The taboos as a source of various rituals
  • The anxiety of braking taboos
  • The Impious, the Sinful and the Immoral in the folklore

• The linguistic taboos today

  • Braking taboos
  • The magic function of language
  • The sources of euphemisms – courtesy or censorship?

The languages of the conference: all Slavic and English.

Please send the title of your scientific article including its abstract (with the enclosed application form completed) at the advisable email address: tabuslav@gmail.com. The deadline for applications is 15 July. The conference fee is 120 € and will be charged over the period of three days of our meeting.

The organizers ensure the accommodation (with food provided) and also promise to public the conference volume.

All further information concerning the accommodation and the course of the conference will be sent in the next letter.

The Organizers:

dr Anna Skibska

dr Joanna Dobosiewicz

dr Natalia Długosz

mgr Zvonko Dimoski

The Secretary of the Conference:

mgr Bartosz Konic



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